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I can vividly remember her smile, a smile that could make all the bad in my day disappear.
But here we are now going on separate paths. Who could have thought we would make it this far?
We have the power to change the world but we keep biting our tongue, preoccupying ourselves in things that don’t matter.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here to tell you that I’m tired of going down this path. I see something that I like and I’m going for it no matter what. I see everybody around me here making grand plans for their career as they let life pass them by. I will not let this hell hole take control of my life. It’s funny when we are in a bad situation we start thinking about the little things in life that matter, but as soon as our hand starts looking up we forget about them.

Love your life, live your life, and make your life have a purpose.

I remember the first Christmas care package that I received through my deployment. All of the contents inside the box were wrapped in wrapping paper and for that brief moment I felt like I was back home on Christmas morning. It’s like nothing else matters when you’re unwrapping the gifts.

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Well ladies and gentlemen I completed my first mock promotion board. I only had about one day to study for this and needless to say I was extremely nervous. To many people in the military becoming a Non Commissioned Officer is a huge goal and I am thankful that I have been put in this position.
The Corps of Non Commissioned Officers is known as the backbone of the Army and is the most professional NCO Corps in the world.

I knocked three times at the door, my heart was pounding with each knock I gave on the door, and I heard “ENTER! “. As I entered the room i tried to concentrate and shake off any fear. I reported to the board as ordered and the rest was history. I was in there for about half an hour and to me it felt so short.


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