I have come to realize that during my time here I have learned some interesting things. I realize that I truly hate this place. The word hate is a strong word and I do not think that it gives this place any justice. This entire place could catch on fire and I would not care one bit. “Well you signed up for it so deal with it”…yeah the thing about that is, I have had enough.

I can remember going through Basic Combat Training and thinking that deploying would be the coolest thing on earth…oh boy how wrong was I. I think the worst thing about being here is being alone. No matter how many people stand by your side here, it feels like I am alone. I do not think that I have been around a group of individuals who have been as depressed as the ones by my side. It is difficult listening to people’s problems when I am having a hard time myself. It’s not that I don’t care about them…it’s just that I don’t really give a damn to listen to sad stories. Being away from home is not something that we are not accustomed to…but for some reason this feels different. I think that being surrounded by negativity drags everybody and everything down.

I canNOT wait to be back in the great state of Texas. I think that it’s the best place on earth. I am also looking forward to traveling around Europe after my contract ends. I am excited to see what adventures I find myself in. I think that I am most excited about going to Austria, The Eagles Nest is something I really want to visit, retracing the steps of Easy Company in WWII would be a blast.

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