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I do not think that I have been more disappointed with members of my unit than I was this morning. Everybody signed a contract and swore and oath, it is implied that you must be physically fit. I am not the most fit person but when a person cannot keep up for fifteen minutes I don’t know what to say to them. Going on runs in the morning is probably the easiest thing that we will have to do all day, so why complain?
The longer I am in this unit the more I realize that things in the military are changing. It is as if all the new people are so sensitive about any little thing. What happened to putting boot to ass and just doing what you are told? I do not like the direction that this is heading and I think that it will only get worse. I wonder what Basic Combat Training is like now with all this sensitivity training that we must do.
Is running at a seven minute mile pace too much to ask these individuals that are supposed to be able to overcome hurdles in life? I am at a loss for words. God knows that I have not been the best soldier that I could be, but now that the opportunity has presented itself, for me to maybe join the Corps of Non Commissioned Officers, I now understand what my NCOs have tried to instill in me. At times things will not make sense and you might hate what you are doing, but is it ethically or morally wrong? If the answer is no, then shut the hell up and do it.

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I have come to realize that during my time here I have learned some interesting things. I realize that I truly hate this place. The word hate is a strong word and I do not think that it gives this place any justice. This entire place could catch on fire and I would not care one bit. “Well you signed up for it so deal with it”…yeah the thing about that is, I have had enough.

I can remember going through Basic Combat Training and thinking that deploying would be the coolest thing on earth…oh boy how wrong was I. I think the worst thing about being here is being alone. No matter how many people stand by your side here, it feels like I am alone. I do not think that I have been around a group of individuals who have been as depressed as the ones by my side. It is difficult listening to people’s problems when I am having a hard time myself. It’s not that I don’t care about them…it’s just that I don’t really give a damn to listen to sad stories. Being away from home is not something that we are not accustomed to…but for some reason this feels different. I think that being surrounded by negativity drags everybody and everything down.

I canNOT wait to be back in the great state of Texas. I think that it’s the best place on earth. I am also looking forward to traveling around Europe after my contract ends. I am excited to see what adventures I find myself in. I think that I am most excited about going to Austria, The Eagles Nest is something I really want to visit, retracing the steps of Easy Company in WWII would be a blast.

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