European Adventures

I have been granted a brief vacation from this hell hole. I smell the polluted air as I am being taken to the airport. With each breathe I take I know that it will be bitter sweet. The biggest problem that I have with leave is the fact that no matter how good the trip is, all your hopes and dreams come crashing down with each mile that your return flight takes.

This is my first trip alone, and surprisingly I was scared. I think that it’s a bit strange how I would rather repel out of helicopters than take a trip by myself. This will be a test in not only on how I transition from a deployed environment to civilization but to also gauge how I interact with a variety of cultures. I had a feeling that I would be judged by my profession and government not who I am. I can’t help the fact that I stepped up and served my country. Surprisingly all my fears have been non existent thanks to the group of people that I have met here so far. Our group last night consisted of people from Ireland, Austria, Colombia, Australia, New Zealand, France, and the USA. I think that this was the real life United Nations at work, everyone had their differences, but we had the time of our lives.

I will try to update this every day to write about what I’ve seen or experienced.

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