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Thirst is real update

Deployment has been a bit stressful and time consuming to say the least. This is a bit of a fast forward on my story the thirst is real. I must emphasize that the opinions and scenarios posted are my biased views and are in no way the views of the United States Army.

I had such great plans for the continuation of the thirst is real but recent events have forever changed those plans. I show up to our site and within the first hour I can rapidly feel my brain cells eroding away.
What makes a good leader? I have asked myself that question too many times within the last eight hours. I think that the Army is setting many soldiers up for failure by rewarding complete idiots with positions of power. To all the people who might say, well they earned it, I say Fuck You. The people I am talking about could not lead anybody out of a paperbag. We get all these people that want to be politically correct so they promote people that should not be put in a leadership position. If kissing ass is a requirement for being put in a leadership position here, I refuse to lower myself to that level. I have news for you, everyone can’t be special, so feelings have to be hurt when it comes to promotions.
Criticizing soldiers under you is not  a great quality to have when leading soldiers. Yes I am venting at this point.
Lets say you sit on your ass all day, why would you tell someone to be actively engaged when you yourself are not doing anything. If I could walk around and criticize everything a person does, would that make me sleep better in this shithole?
It would make common sense to make things less stressful than they should be in a deployed environment. I actually feel sorry for some of these guys, they are so caught up in looking good on paper that they end up losing whatever redeeming life skills that they had.
My friends, common sense is a quality that is fading fast. I weep for the new generation of soldiers that may not get to experience great leaders. PowerPoint presentations and good physical fitness scores do not make a great leader. The thirst for kissing ass and looking good on slides has become a mental disorder that is making me go crazy.
I’d rather get shot with a nail gun than listen to these retards.

With that said, my vent is complete, hope y’all have a good day.

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