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The thirst is real

This idea hit me at midnight on some random night out here. I plan to turn it into a short story of some sort as I get time to add content and fix grammatical errors. This story is based upon my biased view and in no way represents the views of the Army, only my own.

The thirst is real

​ Most people do not have an idea of how different life can be when we are put in an extraordinary situation. I had an idea of what my laid back deployment would be like, but I was not prepared for the shit storm that was coming my way. I can vividly remember 1st Armored’s band playing Eye of The Tiger as we were walking to the plane. I thought to myself, “wow this is fucking stupid”. The moment we took off from our base I knew I was in for an interesting plane ride. I still do not understand why we had to zip tie the bolts on our weapons; if I really wanted to end my misery in this unit it would have happened long ago with much dumber restrictions. I will reiterate the point that common sense isn’t so common in the military throughout my writing.

Why I chose “the thirst is real” as a title

​I was under the stupid impression that our pre-deployment training would make sense, that the training would prepare us for the challenges that would present themselves downrange, and I was fucking wrong. Many of the people reading this will wonder why I chose this title and let me try to break it down for you. Society around us is thirsty, thirsty for things ranging from sex to dog and pony shows. My military environment sadly revolves around dog and pony shows. I have never met so many individuals in my life so thirsty to do stupid shit. The stupid shit can range from staying in the field for a month to kissing ass. I cannot comprehend how some of these people wake in the morning and say, “Let’s go to the field for a month, it builds character”. It must be something in their fucking water because going to the field for stupid shit kills baby kittens. It is as if our misery feeds their never ending thirst for stupidity. Some of you out there might be saying, “Well you signed up for it, deal with it”, and to all those people I say FUCK YOU! Joining the military is an honorable thing and I do not regret my service, it is not my fault that you were too much of a pussy to join. I just did not know that I would be trying to quench a never ending thirst of stupidity. My writing will take you on a journey from the good, the bad, and the quest to fill a never ending thirst.

Basic Training

​I guess that before I start talking about the present I must write about how it all got started. Like most inner cities kids I had no future; I was lucky to be alive at the age of eighteen, my grades were terrible, and I did not care about anything. Before somebody says, “That’s racist! Judging all inner city kids like that!” calm the fuck down. In actuality I was smarter than your average person and I had actually ventured past the city limits. I was no gangbanger and I could have gone to college if I wanted to. You might be asking yourself just like I do at times, “Well if you’re so smart, why didn’t you go to college?” at the time college was not for me. I was filled with a surge of national pride after the attacks on the World Trade Center. I was only ten years old but I wanted to serve my country. I remember that I was in Spain one week before the war in Iraq started. The Spanish people were going crazy with riots and what not; we left Spain the day the war started. I had family and friends involved in OIF that is Operation Iraqi Freedom for you slow-folks and I was mesmerized by the military. Before I joined, combat seemed amazing and I could not wait to do my part. That is all I could think about before I joined, and I wish I could go back and punch the high school senior version of myself in the nuts for being that stupid. Combat only sounds good in theory because the theory isn’t shooting fucking mortars and blowing you up. The most anti-climactic feeling is the one you get whenever you land at your Basic Combat Training base. I was expecting a scene out of Full Metal Jacket and what I got was a scene somewhere in between The Breakfast Club and the scene in The Matrix where Neo has to take instructions from a cellphone. The only problem was that my scene had no fun and nothing that the Drill Sergeants said made sense, I was stuck between a rock and a stupid place. This was almost like the first time anybody has sex, you aren’t quite sure what to expect and when it happens, it doesn’t go down quite as planned.

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