Do you ever get the feeling of being pissed off at everything in the world, and you don’t know why? That can sum up about a quarter of my week here. Sometimes I just wake up and I’m pissed off at everything and everybody for no particular reason. And then, it is as if somebody moved the light switch, things in my day go back to normal. At times everything that has happened builds up, and it keeps building, until we release that energy somehow. As the days go by, I can see that people’s fuses are shorter and shorter, I can only imagine how this will go eight months into the deployment.

On the bright side, getting care packages, makes my day feel like Christmas morning. The entire world could be on fire, but for that brief moment of opening the package, nothing else matters. It is a similar feeling to getting letters in Basic Training. Just the fact that people I know show how much they care, makes everything we do worth it.

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