Yes, some of the quotes are vulgar and downright wrong, but these are quotes that I have heard Throughout my career. These quotes are not a representation of what the army believes, so don’t blame the army.

“You know why nothing grows out here? Because this fucking place is infected, infected with stupid motherfuckers”

“Imma hit you with that right click save as”

“Dude his face just went away”

“Hey somebody threw a wrench in the trash”

“Once I got e5 I said, what do you mean I have to watch grown men piss? What do you mean I have to make sure these sandbags are straight and making sure they don’t have dirt on them, they are sandbags. That is when I realized that this was not for me”

“The army needs to stop listening to the government”

“I’m not moving my shit, that motherfucker is moving his shit, I guess he’s staying with a roommate the whole fucking year”

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