Tonight I am safe, tonight you are here with me. A full moon is out today and the funny thing is that it’s the same moon wherever you might be. We can run together in our memories but we can never be truly free. So as I put my boots on and ask you to hold my hand and follow me.

Here’s a funny story somebody in my unit told me yesterday.

so we had this stupid dude in my last unit, I’m talking about stupid.
So we all go to Ihop and you know they those “free wifi” signs as you come in. Well when the waitress came to take our order we all told him to order the free “weefee”, he’s asking us what it is and we just tell him to order it that’s it’s good. She takes our order and he asks her if he can have the free “weefee” and we all start laughing at the top of our lungs.

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