As I step out of my house I feel the cold breeze hitting my body. For some reason the walk to the car seems more memorable this time. I turn around to look at my family, I want to say so much to them, but all I do is smile.

The hardest part of the Army is realizing the truth. Realizing that this will be my last trip in a very long time is hard to accept. The best and worst thing about going back home is that it is not real. I wish it could last forever, but sooner or later I have to go back to reality.

We say our goodbyes at the airport. I wish I would have said more, but I didn’t. And it is not the fact that I was scared to go back, hell I’m not scared, I just hate leaving my family.

As I walk up to my terminal I see many new soldiers who have just graduated basic training. I can see the motivation in their eyes. I then look at myself and I notice the big difference. It is almost like I have left a little piece of my heart in every place ive been too, and sometimes it feels like their is nothing left, but I keep going. I believe in the American dream and this we must defend, no matter what we sacrifice.

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