I have spent the last two weeks in my hometown. Every time I come back, I know that this is home, but it never feels like home. Even when things are amazing here I know that it is not real. Sooner or later I have to go back to my life in the Army. It is not that I am afraid to go back, he’ll I’m used to it, it is more of me not wanting to get attached to things here.

I think the greatest feeling in the Army is leaving to go home. Yet when we get here, I think that we imagine that home will be the same as when we left. I get home and my peers are wasting their life away. Here I am sacrificing my life for them and they chose to not do anything? Sorry if my tone comes off as a bit harsh, but f*ck, people here have the opportunity to do great things with their life. Being in situations where i took little things for granted have changed my outlook on life completed.

I know that this Friday I will experience one of the worst feelings in the Army, which is going back to it.

Hope y’all are having a great day.

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