I will be leaving the military after this deployment and I have this idea. My idea is to set up writing workshops for veterans. I would love to have some English teachers volunteer time out of their day to teach writing styles to veterans, and then have them write about whatever they wanted. After each workshop, somehow scan their writing and show it to the world. I’d love feedback on my idea

I will be leavi…

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3 thoughts on “I will be leavi…

  1. Citlally J. says:

    I think it’d be awesome. Not only is it therapeutic for their minds, but also shows an insight to the rest of the world. Go for it!


  2. I have to agree. It would be a great idea. It would help some vetrans a lot. Make sure you go through proper channels and copyrite whatever website, book you come out with. That way their stuff doesn’t get taken.

  3. David S. says:

    That would be legit dude! Imagine the impact that would have especially for our community to hear experiences that one goes through.

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