Yesterday I participated in the 10mile race here on base. Today I woke up with my body feeling as if I was 80 years old. I have an excellent theory for this, next time we have a race don’t let me know, that is why cars were invented.

But, I was proud of the fact that I pushed my body to run the 10miles. I was perfectly fine with a great pace for the first 7 miles, after that the bottom of my feet started cramping and I pushed through the pain. Although it was a good obstacle to test my heart I have no desire to compete in such event again without training my body for it. I was out in the desert for a few months before the race and I was not able to condition my body to the level it needed to be. I say to you all, find challenges in your life that you can push yourself to the next level. If we don’t push ourselves we are just wasting our time on this planet.

Live your life without regrets and when it comes your time to die, go out in style.

Yesterday I par…


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