Here I am standing in the middle of my barracks building and I see myself being surrounded by new privates walking with their heads down. I now realize that I am one of the veterans of this unit, I should try to find out why they have no motivation.

As I look around my unit I hardly recognize any of the people that started with me. Most of the people I knew are long gone from this unit. I can see that my motivation is not what it once was and I should not let new people get demotivated by that. I have my reasons for having some gripes about my situation but I ultimately put everything in a negative light in front of these new privates. My attitude towards certain things should not affect the morale of once highly motivated privates.

I was walking into my building when I saw this new E2 sitting down by himself with his head down. I started a conversation with him to let him know not to be unmotivated. I tried to tell him that although things might look bad now, they could be tens times worse. Normally I would have never talked to a new person based off the fact that I do not know him. So I started off with a topic to gauge his random knowledge. To my surprise this individual was quite informed on my topic which shocked me a bit. Many people in this unit are not exactly the brightest people I’ve met in my life, so for a new person to show me otherwise was strange to say the least.

We went onto the topic of choosing a place to go for vacation next summer. I had not really thought about where I would be going but now I know that I will be going to Europe to relax for a couple weeks. The way I tried to explain it to him was that we are giving the opportunity to go anywhere in the world for free, so why settle for something less than amazing. We only live once and when it comes our time to die we should have no regrets about our life.

I guess the point that I am trying to get at here is that sometimes taking the time to talk to someone can make you realize lots about yourself. Limiting myself to only people that I knew severely hindered my ability to adapt to this new environment. As somewhat of a role-model from new soldiers coming in to the unit I have to be able to overcome my personal grievances and show them the correct way to perform their duties.

Here I am stand…

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