If you had to write a goodbye letter what would you put in it? As I’m sitting here in the desert I stare off into the horizon and I’m thinking about what my goodbye letter would consist of.
Nobody wants to die but when we are presented with a situation that the end result could be death something inside of us changes. Talking about emotions and thoughts aren’t exactly something we share openly here. The majority of people try to run away from their problems. And before somebody gets the misconception that this is about suicide you are mistaken, it is about writing a final letter before a deployment.
I had no idea what a goodbye letter was until I joined the military. The first time I had even heard of one was in church at Fort Jackson. An older gentleman came to talk to our group and in his hand was his son’s final letter. His son had been killed in Iraq a few months prior and we listened to his final words. The letter started off with “hey dad, if you’re reading this letter it means that I’m dead”, as the letter went on it felt as if these words were being engraved into my soul. It is experiences like this that I will never be able to forget. Yes, combat and killing sounds “cool” in theory but in the end it is not worth it.
Would I talk about my childhood or things I regret? It seems like this post is filled with questions instead of answers. I guess it is because maybe I don’t want the truth, getting over the fear of possible death is difficult to accomplish. What is the point of having ambition if we don’t act upon it. At the end of the letter would I be able to say, “hey I accomplished most of the things I wanted to do in my life”. I guess this is a kick in the rear to get motivated and explore life a bit more.
Does your life flash before your eyes like in a movie when you’re writing the letter? I guess in the end no matter how elaborate your letter turns out to be, the fact wont change that words wont make your family family. We take little things for granted, when you’re up it’s never as good as it seems, and when you’re down you think you’ll never get up but life goes on.

Comments would be greatly appreciated.

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