Journey to the end

I try to picture my life outside of the Army from time to time. I wonder how the transition from this life to a civilian life will be. I have heard that the first six months are the most difficult. On one hand I am happy that I am looking forward to a civilian life and on the other I cannot forget about my friends.

It is difficult to write my thoughts clearly on this subject. As much as I would love to elaborate most people would not understand. At times I might hate being here, but what I have experienced here is going to be ever-lasting. The majority people that leave the military never exactly let go. Most people say that they are going to go to college, but once they are free, nothing ever gets accomplished. We are essentially lost in our past.

I have this crazy idea. I want to walk with my ruck-sack on from Splendora, Texas to Arlington National Cemetery. It is about a 1500 mile trip that I think will be a life changing journey. The journey should take about 2 months give or take, depending on how many miles I walk a day. I really think a trip like this could raise awareness for military service members past and present. Before we move forward we must honor our past.

Any comments on this would be great.

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2 thoughts on “Journey to the end

  1. This is exactly why I believed my husband needed to go back to work despite everything he has gone through and why I supported him if he wanted to deploy again. He needed to accept his past so he could live without regrets and wondering “What if?” I think it’s a great idea!

    • silentpulses says:

      It’s good to know that you are supportive of him, and it’s good to at least have a reader on here who understands what I am writing about. I really want to do this trip, but I guess the biggest thing stopping me is myself

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