All gave some, some gave all

I posted earlier about my leave and how I had the privilege to go to a fallen service-member’s funeral. Here are the pictures I was able to get.

With Memorial Day coming up I thought it would be fitting to post the pictures on my blog. As I wrote earlier, being present at the ceremony affected me in ways that I did not expect. It is because of individuals who join the military and pay the ultimate price that we can live in peace. Many times people forget about why we have Memorial Day and I believe that it is important that nobody forgets the sacrifices that military personnel do every day.


The Patriot Guard Riders showed up and gave their support


Here we are waiting outside for his casket to come out

Although he died from a non-combat related injury the fact that he had the guts to sign up and get deployed is more than anybody can ever comprehend.


May you R.I.P. Petty Officer Second Class Jorge Luis Velasquez

Which brings me a story I read on a forum today. I will paraphrase everything that this individual wrote, I think more people should hear this story.

I went to put decorations on my friend’s gravesite. I post every year about Foster Harrington. This year is a little different. I showed up on saturday to decorate his grave. I met a very nice lady who was decorating the grave next to Foster as well as one other. This solved the mystery as to why sometimes I would find Foster’s site already decorated. She admitted that she would often decorate Foster’s along with her son’s and those of others.
What a classy lady she is. She has spend 10 years with the USO in Dallas. 

I told her Foster’s story. 
Foster was killed in Fallujah in 04. We worked together in the ER in Miami. We had a great friend in common and shared a love of guns. He was a paramedic and had taken over a corner where the Corpsman had been but had become ill. Foster was shot by a sniper. He always did more than he had to and was liked by all. 

The lady told me about her son, Gregory Schneider. He served as a Marine and made it back from his deployments. Sadly, he died in a motorcycle accident. You could see the love in her eyes as she spoke of him. Clearly choking up a bit she changed subject to the other gravesite. 

One row up rests Wesley R. Durbin. He had served in the USMC and gotten out after doing his time. He missed the service and enlisted in the Army. He was in Iraq when he was killed. He and a fellow NCO (Staff Sgt. Dawson) went to chew the ass off of a Sgt. named Bocizevich (I had to google his name but she had the story right) for screwing up dangerously on a patrol. They went in the early morning and placed their weapons down across the room. The guy raised his weapon and shot Dawson first then Durbin. 

Section 26 is a resting place for heroes who have served our country well. I’m honored to have spent some time there and learned more of their stories. I am also touched by the love of this lady for her son and his fellow fallen heroes (Yes, I’m comfortable calling them heroes). 

I will try and put in some pics. 

section 25 





Comments would be greatly appreciated

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