Battle Buddies

An ever-lasting bond was created between my bay-mates and myself. We were together through the ups and downs of BCT.

I can honestly say that I would give up anything for these guys. We helped each other deal with the hardships of BCT. If I needed help, they were there to lift my spirits. Even though we are all stationed in different parts of the world, we still keep in contact. Today I was talking to my bunk mate reliving the moments we shared. I remember me and Hale were walking to our bay when suddenly all we heard was DROP! GET DOWN NOW!. We were both so confused as to what was happening. When we tried to ask why we were on the ground, we got yelled at more. It was horrible while we were on the ground, but now we look back at these moments and laugh about it. When I needed help folding my clothes he stayed up at night with me. I never thought that I would be going out of my way to help a complete stranger in such a short time. Those strangers became my family.

And then, some of my friends left to Afghanistan. We tried to stay in contact as much as possible, but it was very difficult. Even though war is hell, our friendship was able to hold on. I remember the day like it was yesterday, my friends mom called me crying telling me that their base had been bombed. I felt such an intense pain in my heart, I was praying to God that my friend wasn’t a casualty. It sucks when I see news reports and fellow service-members have been K.I.A, but when it’s the possibility that it has hit home, it is so much worse. A fear that is very difficult to explain. Thank God that my friend was not injured, but since he is a medic, I cannot begin to imagine some of the things he had to do. The military has its ups and downs but being able to make lifelong friendships is definitively an up.

I don’t even know how to continue on with this post, I’ve added too much, hope y’all enjoyed

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One thought on “Battle Buddies

  1. Thank you for sharing something with all of us that only few have the guts to experience. Thanks to you and all your buddies you call family who make so many sacrifices to keep us safe. No words can truly express the depth of gratitude.

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