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If our combat boots could talk, they’d be able to tell stories for days. From every adventure to every ruck-march our boots define who we are. In a way I believe that our boots can tell the stories of our military career.


These were my first pair of combat boots. I remember the first day that I had to wear them, it was a horrible day. My feet felt like they were going to fall off after the first few days of wearing them. Our boots form to our feet after prolong use, so starting off with them the pain is borderline unbearable. Blisters became an every day part of life when I started wearing my combat boots. I can remember having my boots completely soaked in sweat from a 16 mile ruck-march. Towards the end of the march it felt as if I had cinder-blocks attached to my boots.  Marching everywhere reminds me of this cadence we would sing as we marched.

Momma momma can’t you see

What the Armys done to me

They took away my faded jeans

And now I’m wearing Army greens


Oh Lord I wanna go

But they won’t let me go

I used to drive a Chevrolet

Now I’m marching every day

I used to drive a Cadillac with all my homies in the back

I used to drive a Cadillac with all my homies in the back

Now I pack them in back



I actually retired my first pair of boots a few weeks ago. The long hours and the miles accumulated on them were too much for them to hold up. As you can see the grip is nonexistent



And now these boots will take over from here and continue racking up the miles on this long adventure.



These boots here belong to a good friend of mine, he actually has some pretty interesting war stories. His boots are much more older than mine, he used these for the Battle of Fallujah. Like I said, everybody’s boots can tell different stories. 

Well hopefully our boots hold up through the good and bad of our adventures. I’ll leave y’all to see what a typical morning looked like out in the desert. Hope you enjoyed this post.


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