Comfortable within our environment

I will be writing a bit about different views that friends of mine have had about our current situation.

Some people can try to make war sound romantic in some sick twisted way and the reality is very different. It sounds good in theory, and only in theory. I can remember the day that my friend arrived home from Afghanistan. Everybody was so excited to have him back in one piece. For the most part he was here, but his personality had changed. He still joked around but he seemed to be more serious than before.

I remember somebody asked him, “What do you think about being back?”, to which he replied, “No matter how bad it sucks here, atleast I’m not fucking getting shot at every fucking day. So to answer your question, I’m happy”. Those words have stuck with me since the day he said them. And I think he made a good point, day to day life in the safety of our homes does not compare to the hardship of war.

On the other hand a different friend of mine came back from the invasion of Iraq in a wheelchair. His opinion was slightly different on the matter. He wished that he could go back to be with his comrades. He could recall the exact moment when the bullets pierced his body armor. He still felt the sudden pain that shot through his back and legs. Obviously he was out of the fight, but to him he had never left. The bonds that we create with our brothers in arms are lifelong. He was not mad at what had happened to him, he was disappointed.

Going to fight for your country and people sacrificing themselves sounds really good in theory. It sounds good until you are the one that is actually putting in the work. Here we have individuals that are overworked, unappreciated, and over-stressed that would give up their life for a complete stranger. In the end, is it worth it…depends on who you are asking.


One thought on “Comfortable within our environment

  1. Ishmam says:

    Thanks to all who are serving. Insightful post.

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